Weaving a Strong Therapeutic Alliance: Psychotherapists sometimes lose clients in the early stages of psychotherapy. These clients are often the most difficult ones, those who are blocked, traumatized, difficult to engage, hostile or obliged to attend sessions. Most psychotherapists have heard that up to 75% of the effectiveness of a therapeutic intervention, no matter what the approach, is due to the client/worker alliance. Unfortunately, most practitioners have received little or no explicit training on how to develop the savoir-d’être necessary to weave this all-important alliance. They have been left to their own devices to try to figure out how to establish an atmosphere of trust with the clients with varying results. The result of a poorly woven relationship may be that the client stops attending the sessions and doesn’t receive the treatment s/he needs. The therapist may experience a feeling of being incompetent or helpless, which can contribute to burn-out, the plague of our day in the helping professions. Our Weaving a Strong Therapeutic Alliance workshop will help you to remedy the situation, improve treatment quality and client satisfaction, reduce the probability that clients stop therapy, and help protect the therapist from burnout.


Participants will:

  1. Have been presented with some of the research that supports the importance of the therapeutic alliance in the success of psychotherapeutic treatment
  2. Understand the key components of a good therapeutic alliance
  3. Have had the opportunity to learn about and practice the skills that deepen one’s understanding of the client’s experience (empathy), a key ingredient to developing a good therapeutic alliance
  4. Have had the opportunity to learn and practice useful strategies with difficult clients (clients who are not participating of their own volition, who are angry, silent, etc.) giving therapists more tools in order to work with these challenging clients.

Prerequisite: none

13 hours of OPQ/OTS continuing education credits – in English

Limit: 16 participants

Date/Times: to be announced

Cost: to be announced

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