“Just wanted to say THANK YOU again to Stephen and Rachel for the wonderful 3 days I spent with you in Montreal. The workshop was even better than I’d anticipated. You two really know your stuff, and you have a great teaching style. You’re modelling the MI approach all the time – and every time you do so, its effectiveness “sinks in” a little deeper. I anticipate becoming one of those folks who send you taped interviews for review, so brace yourselves, this is not the last you’ll be hearing from me!”  M. Emerson, Piermont, NH

“Rachel Green is an outstanding model of the approach of respect and rapport-building with clients that she teaches in her MI training sessions and supervision.  Her open, curious approach respects clients while gently bringing out their ambivalence about problem behaviour and then almost invisibly accompanying them while they move into “change talk” and experience their desire to change as coming from within themselves.”  Elizabeth Blackmore, MSW PSW, Douglas Institute

“[The Power of Groups] allowed me to have a very powerful emotional experience because we never knew what was coming next! I am used to this kind of training.  But the exercises were so well constructed, the challenges interesting and the respect between the participants so evident that we jumped into the adventure and came out with a greater ease and the desire to share with others the value of this wonderful approach as well as to continue to integrate it in our own practice and to think about how we do our practice. It has become second nature now since it changed my day-to-day interactions and made me a better listener…I give workshops on habits of healthy living and now I focus more on change and very little on “what to change” and my clients love it.”  D. Morin, Montreal