Happiness’ Shy Soul

let it in sifting through casement cracks contentment’s fairy dust settles   let it walk through your open door and offer tea and a chair at the table greet it with gentle curiosity and give it room   let it pour in like late afternoon sun sprawling across the quilt resting even as it brightensContinue Reading

Forgiveness, Pt. 2

I have been thinking a lot about forgiveness. What is that quality that forgiving someone brings to our lives? It feels to me like putting down a burden, like when you have just done your shopping and bought what you needed and then some, without realizing that you now have to drag all that stuffContinue Reading

Is Your (Emotional) House in Order?

It was last Friday, the day before she was supposed to open her “wearable art” store for the Cape May season.  She was mostly ready, although she had just returned from a fabulous adventure across the US with her dear travelling friend.  On this trip, she had visited with her two daughters, their husbands andContinue Reading