888-Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) 4.0, Coding and Coaching

(2 days, March 19 & 20)
Facilitators: Dr. John Brelsford, Ph.D., MINT and Dr. Rachel Green, Ph.D., MINT

The two-day workshop will present the newest version of the validated tool MITI 4.0 to measure MI practice. This workshop is designed for practitioners having taken at least a two-day workshop and who are interested in learning how to code MI interventions and give feedback/coach using this tool. Basic coding concepts will be presented as well as aspects of using coding to aid in coaching the MI practitioner in the improvement of his/her practice. The workshop will use an experiential pedagogical approach and will include large- and small-group practice. Using presentations, transcripts, self-recordings, audio recordings and group practice, participants will learn to identify common elements of practitioner or clinician behaviours in Motivational Interviewing and understand their relationship with MI competency levels. Participants for this workshop should an interest in learning the MITI 4.0 for supervisory, training or research purposes. This course will include large group exercises and individual or small group coding practice.

Participants will receive feedback about their coding to enhance speed and accuracy of learning, will practice generating clinician feedback based on coded interview segments and will be ready to use the MITI 4.0 coding system by the end of this workshop. Participants will also gain experience with skill coaching and be prepared to develop collaborative MI skill improvement plans.

At the completion of the workshop, the participant will:

  1. Be presented with the new MITI 4.0 Manual and coding behaviors
  2. Have highlighted (for him/her) the changes from the previous version of the MITI coding tool
  3. Be presented with a step-by-step explanation of the coding process
  4. Be able to describe and code both global and behavior counts
  5. Have had opportunities to code prepared recordings with, and without transcripts
  6. Have had opportunities to record and code interventions
  7. Have had opportunities to discuss the coding exercises
  8. Have had the opportunity to discuss challenges in developing intercoder consistency and how to work toward improving it
  9. Participate in a discussion about using the MITI 4.0 as a coaching tool (creating a written or verbal narrative to help the learner identify what s/he is doing well and not so well and how to help the learner improve).

Cost: 250$ + taxes
Prerequisite: two-day basic MI workshop.

Le Virage Centre de Réadaptation en Dépendance
5110 Boul. Cousineau, salle 1, Saint-Hubert, Québec, J3Y 7G5​